Snake Applet by Gizmore(c)2004

What is it:
Its a snake clone, realized as Java-Applet.
You have to click the applet once, before you can play !
The left and right keys rotate the snake.
You may push up and down to adjust speed a bit.
There are hemp plants that switch your steering.
Snake will poo after 5 eats, dont walk in there.
You will have too eat continuiosly or snake will starve and die.
There are bonus letter that increase your score multiplier.
Eating hemps increases the chance of bonus letters

There is also the highscore table.

Hack yourself in with 999999 points will be a challenge at WeChall

It takes a while to load

Source (currently down):
The Source got lost due an expired webhosting plan (and i had no backup), You can download a decompiled version, though. (rightclick->save_as)
Sorry for the ugly site (especially the www stuff got lost). I just dont feel like doing anything for that stupid applet.